Lebanon: A Worrying Escalation Brings Al-Qaeda to the Fore.


Today’s car bomb in Dahye is the 2nd on the same street in 2 weeks. This marks a worrying chapter for Lebanon and honestly I have never heard morale so low there before. Here is a brief timeline of recent events that have happened over the last few months that can help explain just how bad things are getting. This list is incomplete and clashes in Tripoli happen so often that they don’t always get media coverage any more. Hezbollah’s engagement in Syria and the lack of a stable government has led to increased support among Lebanon’s disenfranchised Sunnis for radical armed militias and with Jabhat al Nusra entering the fray Lebanon looks set to spiral further out of control.

Seeing as no one is even discussing disarmament and unilateral disengagement from Syria, it is hard to see how sectarian tensions will not escalate further over the coming months. Lebanon is standing close to the edge of a full-blown sectarian civil war, one already engulfing Iraq and Syria, with strings on both sides being pulled by Saudi Arabia and Iran. 1/5 of Lebanon’s population is now comprised of Syrian refugees, mirroring the influx of Palestinians into Lebanon during the late 60s.


A bus-load of Palestinians was all it took to start a series of events in 1975 that led to a 15 year civil war that claimed over 120,000 lives. The scars of that war have still not healed and here we are again, nearly 40 years later preparing to make the same mistakes.


  1. ” 21/01/14 – Suicide bomb attack in Haret Hreik, Dahye, Southern Beirut. So far 4 dead, wounded. ” how many wounded?

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