Lebanon: A Brief Timeline of Recent Events

The assassination of Wissam al-Hassan

I began writing this on January the 21st in response to yet another car bomb attack on South Beirut. I am continuously updating the timeline below as the situation in Lebanon continues to deteriorate. I hope that  bringing together a list of recent events, starting roughly around the time Wissam al Hassan was assassinated and triggered by the Syrian Revolution, a better picture can be gained of the timeline of escalation for Lebanon’s own civil conflict.

Lebanon: A Timeline of Escalation

03/04/14 – The number of registered Syrian refugees in Lebanon has now reached 1 million, 55% of the total refugees from Syria are now residing within Lebanon’s borders.

03/04/14 – Jabhat al-Nusra member killed at an LAF checkpoint in the Bekaa along with 2 others who were injured.

29/03/14 – 3 Lebanese soldiers are killed by a car bomb targeting a military checkpoint in Arsal.

26/03/14 – An 11 year old child is shot dead by a sniper targeting the Akkar highway in Tripoli

24/03/14 – Violence rages on in Tripoli over the weekend, IEDs and snipers responsible for increasing the death toll which now stands at 26, with over 150 injured

23/03/14 – Violent clashes break out in Beirut between Pro and Anti Assad groups as Sunni unrest continued in the capital killing one and injuring 8.

23/03/14 – Cross border rebel rockets and raids by Syrian airforces are becoming a daily occurrence.

19/03/14 – An 8 year old is killed in the Tripoli clashes bringing the death toll since the 11th up to 13 dead. A Syrian Helicopter also conducted a raid against targets in Arsal earlier in the afternoon.

18/03/14 – A Lebanese man identified as Ghazi Pierre Tohme was found choked to death in his tailor store in the Baabda town of Hazmieh, in a separate incident, Lebanese citizen Abdel Rahman al-Rifai, nicknamed Abu Draa, was found shot dead in his taxi cab in the Beirut area of Tariq al-Jedideh as Sunni protests sweep the country.

16/03/14 – A suicide car bombing kills 4 Hezbollah members including an officer in the Bekaa valley, Jabhat al Nusra claim responsibility as a response to the “rape of Yabrud”.

16/03/14 – Clashes begin to subside again in Tripoli, with the death toll of the recent clashes reaching 12 including at least one Lebanese soldier. Over 55 have been reported wounded.

15/03/14 – One dead, two injured in Bekaa rocket strike, Jabhat al Nusra claim responsibility.

11/03/14 – Clashes resume in Tripoli killing a 10 year old girl and leaving 13 others wounded.

04/03/14 – Five missiles launched from Syrian territory targeted the Beqaa town of Arsal on Tuesday evening without causing any casualties.

04/03/14 – Five missiles launched from Syrian territory targeted the Beqaa town of Arsal on Tuesday evening without causing any casualties.

04/03/14 – Three missiles landed in the Shiite-populated northern Beqaa town of Labweh on Tuesday without causing any casualties. ISIS claim responsibility.

03/03/14 – A hand grenade attack in Ain al-Helwe Palestinian refugee camp injures three.

03/03/14 – Syrian regime warplanes fired seven missiles at the outskirts of the Beqaa town of Arsal.

03/03/14 – Five rockets launched from Syria hit a Hezbollah-dominated area of eastern Lebanon on Monday, causing no casualties.

01/03/14 – Syrian rocket lands near Nabi Sheet

28/02/14 – Rocket fire from Syria hit the eastern Lebanese border town of Brital, slightly wounding a little girl, shortly after Syrian warplanes struck the outskirts of Arsal. Jabhat Al Nusra claims responsibility.

28/02/14 – Judge issues indictments in absentia for Sheikh Ahmad al-Assir, Fadel Shaker and over 50 others and requests the death penalty in all cases.

26/02/14 – Lebanese army arrest Jabhat Al-Nusra commander Nidal Souiedan in Masharee al-Qaa.

26/02/14 – 2 Alawites shot and injured in Tripoli

26/02/14 – Special Tribunal for Lebanon adjourned till Mid-May.

25/02/14 – Pro Syrian revolution singer Marwan Dimachkie and writer of the song “Dig Your Grave in Yabrud” found shot dead in his car near Dbaye.

24/02/14 – Israel strikes Hezbollah targets in the Beqaa valley’s Al-Nabi Sheet near the Syrian border. According to the Daily Star 4 members of Hezbollah were killed during he assault. Hassan Nasrallah vows retaliation.

24/02/14 – Judge issues arrest warrant for Ali Eid, 48 hour ADP moratorium passes.

22/02/14 – Suicide bomb blast targets LAF checkpoint in Hermel killing 3 soldiers. Jabhat al Nusra claim responsibility.

20/02/14 – ADP official Abdel-Rahman Diab, (father of Aug 23 suspect Youssef Diab) assassinated whilst driving his Chevy along al-Mina highway by motorcycle assailants. Clashes continue in Tripoli with the ADP responding to the attack leaving 2 dead. ADP issue 48 hour ultimatum stating that “Tripoli will bear the consequences” if the responsible parties are not apprehended.

19/02/14 – Tripoli clashes resume, 2 injured.

19/02/14 – Twin Suicide Bomb blasts in Bir al Hassan kill 11 and wound 80 Abdullah Azzam Brigades claim responsibility. An Ain al-Helwe man is said to be the bomber, further giving credence to the idea that Sheikh Ahmad al-Assir is returning to power in Ain al-Helwe.

15/02/14 – Tamam Salam forms new government after 10 months, split between March 14th and March 8th alliances.

03/02/14 – Suicide Bomb blast kills 2 in Choueifat

01/02/14 – Suicide bomb blast kills 2 in Hermel

21/01/14 – Suicide bomb attack in Haret Hreik, Dahye, Southern Beirut. So far 4 dead, 35 wounded.

21/01/14 – Tripoli Death toll up to 6

20/01/14 – Tripoli Death toll up to 4 (including a 2 year old child)

19/01/14 – Tripoli Clashes resume, 1 dead, 20 wounded

17/01/14 – Syrian air strike in Lebanon’s pro-opposition Arsal kills 7. Heavy clashes reported in border towns.

16/01/14 – Car bomb in Hezbollah controlled Hermel, North Lebanon kills 4 and leaves 30 wounded. Jabhat al Nusra claim responsibility.

13/01/14 – Proceedings for the Special Tribunal for Lebanon begins, prosecuting 5 Hezbollah members in absentia for their role in the assassination of Prime Minister Rafic Hariri in 2005.

04/01/14 – Leader of the Abdullah Azzam Brigades, charged with the Iranian embassy blasts dies in police custody.

02/01/14 – Car bomb detonates in Haret Hreik, Dahye, Southern Beirut. 5 dead, 60 wounded.

27/12/13 – Mohammed Chatah, an MP from Tripoli, a political moderate and Hezbollah opponent is assassinated in a car bomb in Central Beirut killing 4 others and wounding 50.

23/12/13 – Hezbollah fighters ambush and kill 32 Jabhat al Nusra militants in Wadi al-Jamala, East Lebanon.

17/12/13 – A car bomb is intercepted and detonated near a Hezbollah position in Labwe in the Bekaa, casualties reported.

04/12/13 – Senior Hezbollah commander Hassan al-Laqees assassinated outside his home in Beirut.

02/12/13 – Lebanese villagers attack Syrian Refugee camp, set it on fire.

01/12/13 – Tripoli death toll reaches 13

29/11/13 – Clashes renew in Tripoli

19/11/13 – 2 car bombs detonated outside Iranian embassy, 23 dead, 146 injured. Local Islamist group Abdullah Azzam Brigades claim responsibility.

23/07/13 – 47  killed and more than 400 wounded in two huge bomb attacks in Lebanon’s northern city of Tripoli on the Al-Tawa and Al-Salam Mosques. Arab Democratic Party implicated – Youssef Diab arrested in October in connection with the  attacks. Youssef Diab reportedly confessed to driving a rigged car to Al-Salam Mosque and detonating it while another member of the Alawite ADP, Ahmad Merhi, allegedly drove the other car and detonated it at Al-Taqwa mosque.

15/07/13 – 14 killed and hundreds wounded by a car bomb in Rweiss, a Shi’ite district of Southern Beirut.

23/06/13 – 41 killed (16 Soldiers and 25 militants) in clashes in the southern city of Sidon between supporters of hardline cleric Sheikh Ahmed al-Assir and the Lebanese Armed Forces supported by members of Hezbollah. Fadel Shaker and Assir escape the compound before it is destroyed. Later it emerges that they have set up a new base in Lebanon in Ain al-Helwe Palestinian refugee camp.

09/06/13  – 15 killed in a car bomb in Bir al Abed, a Shi’ite district of Southern Beirut.

02/12/12 – 15-20 Sunni fighters from Tripoli killed in an ambush in the Syrian border town of Tal Khalakh further increasing violence in Tripoli. By the end of 2012 over 80 people died as a result of the clashes in Lebanon’s second city.

19/10/12 – ISF chief and Hariri aide Wissam al-Hassan assassinated in a car bomb in Achrafieh that also kills 7 others. The arrest of Michel Samaha is seen as a motive for his assassination.

24/08/12 – Sunni cleric Sheikh Khaled al Baradei is killed by sniper fire in Tripoli, clashes resume.

9/08/12 – MP and Minister for Information and Tourism Michel Samaha arrested for colluding with Syrian Security Chief Ali Mamlouk to transport explosive devices into Lebanon to be used on internal targets.

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